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Tips For Shopping On Black Friday Without The Melee

Tips For Shopping On Black Friday Without The Melee

Once Halloween ends and November is shown up in the calendar, everyone looks forward to black Friday. It’s the best chance for anyone to grab hold of the items that they wanted to buy all year but could not afford on the regular paycheck. So when door buster deals and the early bird deals start popping up, you will not be the only one taking a walk in the freezing cold to grab that speaker set from the local store. But if you want to be one of the few to successfully get through black Friday and still buy everything you need, then here are some tips to utilize.

Get the newsletter for that month

Although newsletters from the stores can be quite an annoyance on a regular day, signing up for one during November and December and January months can actually be a boon. They will show the discounted prices and the bonuses that come with the deals and it will be easier than trying to fish for the physical pamphlets and newsletters that get distributed. But you need to sign up at least two or three weeks before the shopping season starts for your email to get added to the subscribers lists. Sometimes you even get online shopper discounts as well (mostly for electronic items and stuff like earphones in Singapore).

Get the priorities straight

It can be hard to prioritize your needs when pretty much everything is on sale during the season, but make sure that have noted down what you need to buy and from which store. Just having the item listed down is not enough as different stores give different discounts and you will need to know which one is the cheapest. So do your research before and note down the shop, item and then number these according to the priority before for go off to do your shopping.

Have a friend at the ready

Shopping with someone else will be much easier on your nerves than going alone. Working together to finding items can be like a treasure hunt and you can always have a coffee and take a break and chat about the crazy activity around you. You can even split up the items in your lists and get your shopping done much quicker (like you going to the headphones store and getting both your things while your friend does the shopping needed at the toy shop).

Keep in mind that you might not be able to get everything you want at the place that you listed down. So for the cases of not getting what you want, you need to have a backup plan to make sure that you get the item anyway. So have a backup shop for the deal or a similar deal from somewhere else to make sure that you get gifts for everyone.