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The Effects Of The Internet

The Effects Of The Internet

These days the internet is so popular that almost anyone uses it now. You can access it from almost anywhere and it is used by all ages. It has changed the way we think, work, study and even the way we live. However the internet is a very powerful thing and it has its positive effects and also its negative effects.

The positive effects

The internet has changed the way we work in many ways. One of the big effects is the creation of ecommerce companies in Singapore such as Amazon and EBay.

Ecommerce platforms are an online retail stage. It is a series of software technologies that let interested merchants form and host a digital storefront soliciting a particular set of goods or services. When this is hosted in the cloud or on premise it offers a lot of business techniques and operational benefits. These will include:

• Merchandising
• Your search capabilities
• Product management suite
• Pricing
• It will give you the chance to personalize your services and sales to your liking.
• Promotions

The internet makes it easier to communicate. With so many social media sites such as twitter, Facebook and Instagram you can always see what other people are up to. That means if you have friends or family who go abroad you can always keep in touch with them without growing apart. You will even be able to get in touch with them through skype. You will know what they are doing everyday thanks to social media so when you see them again it will be like they never left.

Due to the internet people can take action in time and avoid dangerous conditions. This is because hurricane, accidents and storms can be followed through the internet.

The negative effects

People illegally download music and copyright material for free. This has negatively impacted the music industry.

Having an addiction to social media can be a real problem. It can interfere with a person’s personal life by getting in the way of relationships. It can also affect a person’s work and productivity. Many people who are addicted to social media may never leave there homes or ever get off social media that ironically they become antisocial in real life.

Criminals may also take advantage of the internet by taking peoples bank and credit card details but also by sending viruses.

The internet is a powerful tool. It can be very useful if you use it for the right reason and you can learn a lot however if it is used by the wrong people it can be very dangerous.