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Making Your Memories Last

Making Your Memories Last

So many things happen to us in our lifetimes that we cannot possibly remember them all. That is why we have all kinds of recording devices; they help us remember what our brains cannot. However, there are certain techniques you can use to make sure that you do remember something. It has mainly to do with engaging the five senses in a stimulating way. Here are some tips:

Engage the Eyes
We see so many things all the time that the brain cannot remember all, so it is our job to do something visually to make the memory stand out. Taking pictures is one way of ensuring that we remember an event because you have something physical to refer back to and reminisce in case you want to remember one specific thing. However, you have to make it interesting. For instance, if you are hiring a photographer for a party, hire someone or some service that offers a photo booth in Singapore; the signboards and creative paraphernalia used in it will heighten the interest in the photography itself. It will also provide you with a visually stimulating picture and strong memory.

Engage the Nose
Smell is one of the most delicate and strongest senses in recalling memories. Things that you remember subconsciously can be brought to the surface through smell. You can also use this technique consciously. For instance, if you are at a party and need to remember someone’s name, wait for the moment when they are posing as part of the event photography from a professional photographer, or look at a picture of them, or stare discreetly. Say their name out loud for yourself to hear and at the same time, smell something specific. It can be a food, some perfume or anything else you have handy. The next day, smell the same thing and try to recall the name and their pose in the picture. If you did it right the first time round, your olfactory memory will not fail you.

Engage the Ears
People complain that they forget names all the time. A simple auditory trick can help you become an expert at remembering people. When you are introduced to someone, pretend you did not hear and ask them to repeat it. Then, repeat it out loud yourself while asking them, “Is that right?” or “Did I get that right?” Quite apart from the fact that this will help you actually learn how to pronounce unusual or difficult names, it will allow your brain to store a sound file in your memory. Slip it into the conversation as many times as you can and memorize his/her face. The constant repetition will you remember it.