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Illuminate Your Advertisements!

Illuminate Your Advertisements!

A relatively new method of showcasing your brand name to the public is through the use of LED, fluorescent and neon light boxes. Simply explained, these are lighted panels: a method of lighting (for example, LED, fluorescent or neon lighting) is applied usually to the back of a plate, allowing it to be lit up from behind. There are different types of light boxes, ranging from backlit, edge-lit, curved front lighting and – even light towers!

The use of light box signage has become much more popular after the introduction of LED lighting methods, as it provided for a cheaper method of lighting the signs. The use of light boxes is not limited to a method of advertising however – if you would recall the layout of large-scale shopping complexes for example, you will recall that these lighted panels are used both outside of shops and inside: in the former instance, they are used to advertise, whereas in the latter instance, they are used to provide helpful signs and information to customers (i.e. exit signs, maps, etc.)

There are many advantages in the use of the lightbox approach to advertise your business, with some of these advantages being:

• Cost-effective – as has been mentioned above, light boxes have become cheaper with the introduction of LEDs. Furthermore, the incorporation of solar energy methods has also further enhanced this point.

• Versatile – the panels which are used to in light boxes can include graphics, text, symbols – whatever the customer wishes. The introduction of fluorescent and natural forms of lighting as an alternative to neon lighting also makes for a greater variety of colours to be lit up. Furthermore, panels can be easily switched with others, allowing for greater versatility.

• Reach – the fact that light boxes uses backlighting (as well as other forms of lighting) means that they are easily visible – even from a distance. This makes them especially good at grabbing the attention of potential customers and passers-by. Developments in their production method has also allowed the creation of motion graphics such as changing graphics and slides, which can have an even greater effect at garnering attention.

• Easy to install – contrary to what you would believe, light boxes are quite easy to install. Most new models come as ultra-thin and slim varieties, which can be easily set up and taken down thanks to their low weight. In fact, the set up process for a new light box probably won’t go over ten minutes, and sometimes, can even take half of that time!

• Low maintenance – lastly, maintenance procedures for these signs are very quick and easy to do. Newer technologies have ensured that light boxes cope well even in colder or humid climates (which were previously two major weaknesses of light boxes), and the better quality of materials ensures an overall longer lifespan.