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Five Gifts For Valentines!

Five Gifts For Valentines!

Are you wondering on what to give your partner for St. Valentine’s Day? You might want to consider the following popular gifts then:

• Roses – why not start with the most basic of all basics? Roses are almost identified as synonymous with love and St. Valentine’s Day, so they naturally make for the classic but perfect gift for your partner. But to break down the classics a bit, let us delve from the well-established stereotypical conventions: it is not just men who can give a big bouquet of roses to their partners – women too can! In fact, if you were always on the receiving end in the case of flowers, you might want to spice it up and surprise your partner by being the sender this time!

• Chocolates – chocolates are the other well-known staple that is associated with St. Valentine’s Day. From super expensive chocolate art to homemade chocolates filled with love and affection, chocolates are a very safe gift to resort to if you are still new in your relationship and are not yet sure of what your partner’s preferences are like. You can find recipes for easy to make chocolate sweets from the net or from cookbooks (or you can ask around!), or if you are too busy, you can always buy them from the store or buy chocolate online in Singapore. And again, let us not conform to the stereotypes – even men can attempt to make homemade chocolates and give them to their partners!

• Gift Boxes and Hampers – another very safe gift you can go for are the gift boxes and sets that you can find once St. Valentine’s Day is around the corner. These gift sets and boxes usually contain the typical lovers’ gifts – roses, chocolates, wine (and other beverages like champagne), teddy bears and many cute cards – that are sure to melt the heart of your partner. You can also attempt to make a gift box by yourself – just collect a number of gifts (such as the ones we have mentioned before) and include them in a basket or box, and wrap them with ribbons and wrapping paper!

• Cards – who says that all St. Valentine’s Day gifts have to be costly? in fact, the most popular gifts for the day are not expensive jewellery and clothes, but simple greeting cards! Therefore, if you were thinking that a simple card was just not enough to celebrate the day, know that you are wrong. A card is a simple but powerful way to tell how dear your partner is to you – more so if you make it yourself. If you can include a photo of the two of you together with some nice quotes, you can be sure that your partner will be grateful for it.