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Best Birthday Gifts For Your Man

Best Birthday Gifts For Your Man

Is his birthday round the corner? You must be wondering up a storm about what to gift him. You can buy him something he needed badly or even give him a gift made by you. Whatever you choose to do, it should be something very special for him. So here are some of the best gifts you could give him this birthday.

1. An at-home dinner date
What could be better than a meal cooked by you? You can cook all hid favourite dishes and have a private dinner at home. Get a little creative and decorate the place with some fairy lights and candles so that it would create a special atmosphere. He would truly be surprised since it will show how much thought you put into it and how well you know his likes and dislikes.

2. A care package
You could make up a gift hamper for him. Get all his favourite things such as snacks, the mens cologne in Singapore he uses, a season of his favourite TV show, a new t-shirt etc. Decorate the box or basket with photos of you two and other decorations. He would of course love it.

3. A scavenger hunt
If you’ve got yourself a man who wouldn’t be satisfied if you buy mens cologne that has elegant perfumes online, then you’ve got the adventurous type. Plan out a scavenger hunt and lead him to his gift. You can also go on the hunt with him so ask a friend to hide it somewhere safe and create the clues for you. You two will have a great time together.

4. A helicopter ride
Sounds a bit too-good-to-be-true? Yes of course. If you’ve got some extra cash on you, something like this would throw him off his feet. It would be a great surprise and he’d probably not believe at first. It would be exciting and also adventurous for both of you.

5. Cool tickets
You can buy tickets for a concert of his favourite band, a football match or even to an amusement park. Choose something that you could enjoy together or else it’s not going to be as fun as you thought. For example, if you hate football and you both go for the match and after sometime you get bored, he’s going to notice it. And then he wouldn’t feel that excited too. So find something you both love. Also, don’t just hand over the tickets to him. Add a surprise element to it. Put it in a box filled with his favourite chips so that he might feel disappointed that you got him just chips for his birthday. But as he eats, he would find the tickets.