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Be The Boss That Everyone Loves.

Be The Boss That Everyone Loves.

Ever watched ‘The Proposal’ where Sandra Bullock plays a role of a nasty boss? Well wouldn’t it be ironic if you are playing the exact same role in real life? We all understand that you get caught up with work, you are trying to run an organization and rushing to and from meetings, seeing if everything is in order but it does not hurt to be nice. You could be the guy who shows up to work with a smile and a compliment for the janitor. You can be the hero of your organization and you could make people come to work, willingly.
You could start by giving them Christmas presents as the season is around the corner. Check out customized gift ideas online and order something for everyone, including the support staff. You could surprise them before the Christmas holiday by leaving it on their desks in the morning before anyone gets to work. See, if you are a boss you have to do what an ordinary employee does not do. If that means coming before everyone to office, so be it.
You can do something even more special by getting customized gifts for everyone. As in, you can customize it according to your organization, or the season and make it a little more interesting. With all of that, be a person who your employees and work with. Have your office door open for everyone who wants to talk to you. Make time to listen to their problems and try to find solutions collectively.
It sure does not hurt to be nice. So be nice and also you need to be firm. Work is work but do not let that ruin the personal relationships you have with them. During stressful situation do not wait for your brain to decide everything. Ask your employees for ideas, solutions, you might be surprised to see the hidden potential in everyone. Learn to appreciate what they do. Make sure you reward the good work and create a good working experience for all that work for you.
Last but not least, be fair. Whatever decisions you make, make it on behalf of all the employees in your organization. That is a difficult task to accomplish but it is not impossible. There should be equality within the organization and you as the head of that organization have a major part to play. Enjoy the work you do while creating an environment for the others to enjoy too. It is important that you be a good boss because then the work that comes out of your company will be the work of the heart, not force.