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3 Most Common Types Of Sports Injuries

3 Most Common Types Of Sports Injuries

There are so many people who simply enjoy sports of different kinds. Be it enjoying and playing for fun sake at home or playing for their team, these people love to enjoy their time in various types of sports.

If you basically want to stay fit and exercise by playing sports, then it can turn out being quite beneficial for your health. But you need to stay quite careful because there are so many people who have had to undergo bunion surgery as they get quite intense while playing sports.

In case you hurt your leg or foot or sprain your leg, make sure that you rush immediately for a heel pain treatment in Singapore and do not take this lightly. Injuries may take a serious turn and you should not assume any pain or injury to be a minor one. This is why it is best advised to attend a professional so that you get medicated well and treated properly. You might get hurt due to poor training, practicing flawed techniques or probably just get hurt accidently.

Let us know about the common kinds of sports injuries that occur frequently:

Sprain and Strain
This is the most common sort of sports injury. A sprain or strain happens due to some kind of physical activity. Sprain occurs when the ligaments get overstretched or tears. It may be a minor one or may turn out being quite severe too. You might end up spraining your knee, ankle or wrist. This means your muscle has been pulled or probably the tendon or muscle fiber has been overstretched. It may be minor or severe, however you should never take it lightly.

Knee Injury
Approximately, 5 million people every year visit orthopedic surgeons as they get hit with knee related issues and injuries. A few of the minor knee related injuries are iliotibial band syndrome, tendonitis (when tendons get inflamed) or runner’s knee (pain or soreness of the knee cap). When the knee injury gets intense or severe, it may end up damaging the ligament or even the cartilage. The four major knee related injuries are medial collateral ligament, lateral collateral ligament, posterior cruciate ligament and anterior cruciate ligament.

Shin Splints
Shin splint occurs when the pain through the tibia commences. One would generally feel the pain in the front part of the lower leg, the outside section. However you may also feel the pain in the ankle or foot, the section where the calf muscles joins the bone. This happens generally when the runner runs of a very hard ground. If one does not stretch or warm up, then also you can suffer from this issue.